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LOCATED IN MCDONOUGH, GA near Jodeco Road and I-75 
A path that leads to success, and I am here to share my passion.
Playing music is the most rewarding experience in my life and I am eager to share my passion with others who want to add a beautiful talent to their lives.  
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About Me
Hello Dear Music Lover!
         I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My musical journey has been so fun! I have played many instruments over a wide range of music styles as a child to my adult life. I started out when I was 12 on the flute. I studied flute/performance at Clayton State College. Then I became a professional performer, as flutist and bassist for my husband's band, from 1994-2001.  We also produced two CDs together. I have been teaching music lessons since 1996 and currently have a home studio full of great students. My husband teaches guitar lessons, too!!
       My musical journey as a mother of three gave me the opportunity to  create music lessons for homeschooling families called   Living Music From the Heart  now available to purchase online. 

        I am looking forward to meeting you, my soon to be new student. Come join the fun!!
My Students